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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney’s 3DS Version Arrives In North America On November 21


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney

The 2007 DS game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is headed to 3DS with some upgraded visuals and extra features, and Capcom shared a new story trailer along with a release date announcement.


In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on 3DS, we’ll see some upgraded 3DS graphics, but players will also get to switch between the Japanese and English options. For example, the Japanese one has signs and artwork in Japanese but the English one has more familiar looking ones we see in the West. This also changes the languages, so that you can switch between the original Japanese “Igiari!” or the classic “Objection!”


Another new feature is the text-skip option, which will be available from the start. Check our earlier report to see more on what’s new for the game’s 3DS version.


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney releases for Nintendo 3DS on November 21 in North America, November 22 in Japan, and November 23 in Europe.

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