Apple Arcade Will Include ChuChu Rocket! Universe, Various Daylife, And More


chuchu rocket universe

During the Apple Arcade reveal, various games from Japanese studios were announced, such as ChuChu Rocket! Universe, Pac-Man Party Royale, and more.


Check them out below:

ChuChu Rocket! Universe (Sega)

chuchu rocket universe 2

chuchu rocket universe 3

chuchu rocket universe 4

20 years after ChuChu Rocket! invaded the Dreamcast and became the very first online multiplayer experience, the ChuChus are back in a brand-new episode. The storyline is new, but the objective for players remains the same: help all the ChuChus escape by placing directional arrows that lead them to their space rocket. In multiplayer, the objective for players is to help more ChuChus escape than their competitors. Using very creative methods to win is absolutely compulsory.

So, what’s new?
● The entire game has been transformed into beautiful 3D worlds, resulting in even more insane puzzles – good luck!
● New mechanisms have been added like switches or teleports
● New and astonishing environments are welcoming dozens of levels, some of them inspired by the most infamous originals
● Even the menu has received the ChuChu touch. Fly your rocket from one planet to another, from one constellation to the next!

Fret not, we’ve kept this in:
● The KapuKapus are still the ChuChus worst enemies
● The original gameplay: if you played the first episode or one of its ports you’ll know exactly what to do. To be fair if you never played it before you’ll also know exactly what to do
● The online multiplayer mode will still make you want to destroy everything in your room and block your friends for life


ChuChu Rocket! Universe will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Developed by HARDlight, a SEGA studio based in Leamington Spa (UK), ChuChu Rocket! Universe joins Sonic Racing, another SEGA title that will be available at launch on Apple Arcade.


Here’s a look at the game in motion:


Various Daylife (Square Enix)

various daylife

Various Daylife from Square Enix, is a brand-new RPG from the creators of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. In the year 211 of the Imperial Era, players explore a newly-discovered continent while living life to the fullest in the city of Erebia.


Pac-Man Party Royale (Bandai Namco)

pacman party royale

PAC-MAN PARTY ROYALE from Bandai Namco, is a brand-new arcade experience featuring a four-player Battle Mode where the last PAC-MAN standing wins.


Additionally, Frogger in Toy Town by Konami and Capcom’s Shinsekai: Into the Depths were shown off on the stream [Thanks, Macworld!]:


ChuChu Rocket! Universe, Various Daylife, Pac-Man Party Royale, Frogger in Toy Town, and Shinsekai: Into the Depths will launch on September 19, 2019 on Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade will launch for Apple iOS devices, Macs, and Apple TVs on September 19, 2019.

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