Applewood Stars An Imp With Gargoyle’s Quest-Like Abilities



Applewood has players controlling Ringo the Imp, an apple-loving creature that uses a handy gliding ability, similar to that used in Gargoyle’s Quest 2, to get around hazards and obstacles.


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Ringo can fly for short periods of time without losing altitude, but this quickly drains the creature’s stamina bar. It will regenerate just as fast when it touches the ground, so players won’t find themselves too tired for long. They’ll be able to use this, as well as Ringo’s wall-jumping powers and apple-throwing abilities, to get through environments loaded with enemies and pitfalls.


Apple-throwing isn’t as simple as a careless toss, though. Players will be able to choose the trajectory of their throw, guiding their shots to their targets. They will also be able to pick up more items than just apples, using whatever is on-hand to lob at their enemies.




As players use their powers to get around, they’ll have various tasks to complete and animal allies to help out. Players will find various collectibles that can be returned to the owl librarians, alpaca businessmen, and shopkeep goats in town for rewards, ones that will increase their abilities, and others that will just help the imp look more stylish. These will be strewn around the world, and it will be up to the player to make the most of their abilities to collect them.


Applewood is currently in development, and players who wish to know more about its apple-based mysteries can follow them on the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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