April Fool: Robo Hello Kitty In The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z



On the surface, no one would have fallen for this comically simple ruse on April Fools’. Hello Kitty, in a super robot, in The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z? Impossible!


Even the trailer that shows her off, special rocket attack, in-game unit and text galore, quickly reveals that it’s just a hoax. While the video’s now gone from YouTube, you can check it out over at ACFun.



Most wouldn’t be fooled, right? That is, unless you happened to know that both Bandai’s Chogokin line and Hello Kitty are celebrating their 40th anniversaries this year. And that earlier this year, they really had announced a collaborative tie-up with a robot Hello Kitty (and requisite smaller pilot version).



photo01_02 photo02_02


The robot even has four different modes: Drive, Dive, Flying and… Angry. So of course it sounds completely legit to immortalize her in Super Robot Taisen. Sadly, that’s not to be.

You can check out the Chogokin site with the Hello Kitty model here, and wait for the pre-order page here though to sate your sadness.