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Ara Of The Wanderers’ Puzzles & Challenging Situations All Offer Multiple Solutions


Ara of the Wanderers takes players to a dying world filled with hidden places and colossal beasts, and while they’ll meet some puzzling situations, players will have multiple ways to solve them.


Ara of the Wanderers stars Ara, a woman who’s lost an arm and is out searching for someone missing from her past. In her search, she’ll comb through brilliant fields, towering cities, and luminescent woods, meeting the people, animals, and giant beasts who live there. Depending on how she treats those she meets, they may react with anger, offer her some help, or do some other things.

That choice of behavior extends to the game’s puzzles and blocking situations as well. Each of the game’s varied problems offers multiple solutions depending on how players wish to approach them, drawing from Deus Ex. Players can choose how they wish to approach any given problem, perhaps through solving a puzzle, or maybe getting help from an NPC they were kind to, or by starting a fight. Each is a viable solution, although they may lead to later consequences.


Combat may not always be advisable for Ara. She has a single shot rifle and a shield, and will have to use those to read an opponent’s defenses while finding when to take her one shot. Each opponent can be studied and researched for weaknesses, though, so players may wish to look for information in the area before taking on an enemy.

Ara of the Wanderers’ world is also filled with secrets for players to find. Through clues in the environment, bits of information that people talk about, and lore hints in the world, players may find different locations and buried items.


Ara of the Wanderers is currently raising development funds on Kickstarter.

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