Arbiter Is The Next Action Game From The Developer Of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse


Ashe has been given great powers from the spirits Dove and Raven, and will have to use them to battle escaped evil beings using an Ikaruga-like dark/light mechanic in Arbiter, a new action game from the developer of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. 


Players will be swapping from dark and light forms on the fly in combat, doing so to deal with the game’s dark and light spirits. These evil creatures are divided into dark and light monsters, and can only be harmed by the opposing type. Likewise, they and the player will absorb damage from the same type, so the game will require frantic swapping in order to do damage and regain lost health.

Players will also have access to an array of light and heavy attacks, special abilities gained from beating bosses, and dodging techniques to win out the day. They’ll use these powers over a large variety of worlds, gaining energies they can channel into upgrading Ashe as they go. 

Wolf Intimidate

Players can start swapping types in fast-paced combat now by grabbing the Arbiter demo from Should players enjoy it, the game is also raising funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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