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Arc System Works Address BlazBlue PS3 Patch “Freeze”



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If you’ve been playing a lot of BlazBlue on PS3, you might want to be wary of Arc System Works’ new patch. According to a thread on Aksys’ forums, the recent patch makes it harder to connect to an online match.


Forum member Sechs said: "Personally, the patch has made things worst for entering player matches. It takes me less time to endure the load screen’s for Tekken 6 and find a player lobby with a good connection. BlazBlue had one of the best online before the patch, now it’s just frustating."


"The patch seemed to cause me problems too," another member agreed. "I can never seem to get in a match in ranked, my PS3 just freezes up on me (or actually, the game does, I can still press the PS button to quit the game)."


An official reply from Arc System Works soon made its way back to the forums. Here’s the statement in full:


"The reason why players are experiencing "lag" or "hang-ups" while attempting to join a room is because the game now allows players to join matches while matches are in progress; however, the player(s) will not enter the lobby until the match is over. It is possible to exit the queue during this time, but there seems to be some issues with the timing of pressing the cancel button. So our advice to the players would be to spam the cancel button if they feel they are waiting too long."


Arc System Works didn’t confirm whether they had a fix in the works for the problem, although, one would assume they do plan to address it.

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