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Arc System Works Gun For Ground Control With Tanks 3D


    Arc System Works is putting out yet another Nintendo eShop game for 3DS with Tanks 3D, a third-person tank action game.



    In Tanks 3D, players choose from either light, medium and heavy attack tanks to wrest control of Paradise City back from the occupying Devil Tanks. Completing missions and blasting foes into the ground in time will earn you rewards to better power up your military hardware for later harder challenges, including taking out key military installations.


    There’s both a set of story missions as well as a free-play mode available. The art style threads the line between being Attack Wars cutesy and Command & Conquer realism, which is pretty cool.



    Tanks 3D will go on sale on the Nintendo eShop in Japan on April 2nd for 700 yen (US$7).


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