Arc System Works President Aims To Release High-Quality Titles More Frequently

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With Arc System Works working on two new titles for the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, company president Minoru Kidooka had a few words to share about how they’d like to be able to release more high-quality games on a regular basis in a recent an interview with Famitsu.


During the interview, Famitsu mentions that Arc System Works have been working on both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue lately, and asks if it ever causes any kind of delay for the two series.


According to Kidooka, working on two major series doesn’t really cause any delays. He explains that they announced Guilty Gear Xrd for the company’s 25th anniversary in 2013, and they were able to release it for arcade on the following February in 2014, so you can’t really call it much of a delay.


On the contrary, he says that it’s their mid-scale titles that are more prone to getting delayed due to that reason.


“The staff always goes all out with their best effort in order to prevent main titles from getting postponed,” says Kidooka. “However, when you look at it [our releases] from a year-to-year basis, you might see some unevenness [in release periods] here and there.”


Famitsu asks if they have plans to increase the number of retail games in the future.


“As a company, I believe that we must constantly release titles that can be sold at full price,” responds Kidooka. “Whether it be physical or digital, at the least, I’d like to increase the number of console game development of titles that can be sold at a full price.”


That said, the Arc System Works president clarifies that he doesn’t mean to just release a bunch of new titles and sell them at full price. He continues, “by that, I don’t mean to simply increase the number of titles altogether, but rather, to thoroughly put in more effort for each title, and being able to increase the number of games that can [justifiably] be sold at a full price.”

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