Arc The Lad R Introduces The Main Characters Of The Story

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Arc the Lad R was recently announced as a mobile game set 10 years after Arc the Lad II, and the official site for the game is now open, revealing more about several of the playable characteres.


Haruto (CV: Yoshiki Nakajima)

arc the lad 1

The hero of the story

Age: 16 years old


A young boy who is part of the vigilante group in the floating city-state of Millmana. Haruto became an orphan due to The Great Collapse that happened ten years ago, and has been keeping the truth of his past a secret. He’s quiet, and doesn’t show a lot of emotion. As he doesn’t seem to care for the lives of other people, some people get the impression that he’s a cold person.


Mizuha (CV: Madoka Asahina)

arc the lad 2

The heroine of the story

Age: 15 years old


A mysterious girl Haruto meets in Millmana. While Mizuha is a positive, energetic young girl with attitude, she doesn’t really plan ahead, instead preferring to force her way through things. She messes up sometimes, but it’s that part about her that makes her a lovable person.


Serra (CV: Ai Kakuma)

arc the lad 3

Female warrior from the Millmana vigilante group

Age: 22 years old


A woman chasing after a serial murderer who kills in an unusual fashion. In the midst of this, she is recruited by Sania into the vigilante group. Although she acts and talks in a rough manner, she’s quite serious about her duties, and likes to take care of other people.



arc the lad 4

One of the heroes who saved the world

Age: 39 years old


One of the heroes who saved the world alongside Arc and Kukuru during the Great Collapse 10 years ago. Afterwards, he returned to Seirya in order to help rebuild his country. Before, he was someone who only knew how to fight, but Arc and Kukuru managed to change that. As repayment towards the two of them, he does his best to help create a peaceful world without war.


Arc the Lad R is in development for iOS and Android. Check out the reveal trailer in our initial report here.

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