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Arcade Action Game Lichtspeer Is A Futuristic Take On Ancient Germanic Myth



Lichtspeer re-imagines German folklore with a sci-fi slant, casting players into a future infused with aspects of the country’s mythological monsters, places, and weaponry.




In Lichtspeer, players are granted the lightspear, a tool they will need to fight off ice giants, zombies, dwarves, and outraged wildlife. Players will have to judge the arc of their thrown spears to do the most damage, aiming for heads or weak points to defeat their foes before they get too close. The player will also have access to a few special attacks to use when creatures get a little too close.




The futuristic envisioning of mythology comes with a goofy sense of humor as well, having players face down viking penguins, hipster ice giants, and other silly creatures in their quest to please the gods.


Lichtspeer’s mixture of fast-paced arcade action, humor, and futuristic folklore is available now on Steam and PS4.

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