Arcade Racer Slipstream Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of 1992


Two-man studio Noctet has nearly finished the engine work on its pseudo-3D racer Slipstream but is now looking for $6,000 on Kickstarter to add more tracks, more cars, more graphics, and more music to finish the game.


The money will be used this final part of the game’s development so that it can be done sooner rather than later – without the money, the two members of Noctet will have to work elsewhere, slowing down production.


Unlike The ‘90s Arcade Racer and Horizon Chase, Slipstream isn’t only inspired by the arcade racers of the ‘80s and ‘90s but also aims to look and feel like them too by making use of pixel art and the graphics technique known as sprite scaling.


It’s to have four modes (Story, Arcade, Race, Custom), over 30 tracks that take you across the world, and a soundtrack that blends synthwave, vaporwave, and jazz fusion.

Chris Priestman
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Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.