Boss 101 is an arcade shooter about a boy with a jetpack fighting against big baddies with a range of silly guns. It has a lot of energy, a touch of humor, and lots and lots of bullets.


The main feature of Boss 101 is its procedural generation. Everything from bosses, to guns, to outfits. However, none of it is simply tossed at you randomly as you can build your own levels with the money the money you earn from defeating bosses.


The idea is to help Max and and his robotic jetpack S.T.E.V.E to save the galaxy. That’s as far as the story takes you, really. The rest is all up to you: You head into the MAKE-A-BOSS generator to put together the boss you’ll fight choosing each of its parts, all of which add to a bounty that you can earn if you can beat it. You could make a Horn-a-dactyl, a Tyrannosaurus-Monkadon, or a Samurai-Dog-Gone-Volcano, and thousands more.



After that, you then get to choose guns, hats, and upgrades for Max and S.T.E.V.E to roll out with. There are also plenty of these including mini guns, bow and arrow, shotguns and fist cannons. All of this together means that you can set-up a whole range of bizarre, silly, and tough boss battles.


Apparently, the plan is to bring Boss 101 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 later this year. Look out for more information on its website and updates on its development log.

Chris Priestman

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