Arcade Tank Battler Tokyo Warfare Rolls Its Way Onto Kickstarter


Multiplayer arcade tank battler Tokyo Warfare is now up on Kickstarter to raise €19,000 to bring it to PC and virtual reality by April 2016.


The idea of the game is to evoke the tank battlers of the ‘90s such as Namco’s Tokyo Wars. You control a tank and blast other online players or AI opponents around the urban environments of Tokyo. Earthquakes and other map elements add to the dynamism of fights.


There are a variety of different tanks with different stats, weapon types, as well as abilities such as smoke screens and glowing rounds.


The Kickstarter has lots of stretch goals to add more maps, tanks, and campaigns to the game’s lineup, including Shinjuku, Haneda Airport, SPAAGS, and wheeled armor units.

Chris Priestman