Archdemons Battle For Lordship Of The Underworld In This Multiplayer Strategy Game

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Soul Harvest is a multiplayer strategy game set in the depths of Hell, where players control Archdemons and their armies of sickening monsters, battling it out for control of the Underworld.



Players will have to strike out to harvest souls as each round begins, using these living energies to fuel the construction of buildings of flesh, summon various shuddering beasts, or draw upon powerful magic spells to weaken the other players. Each of the four factions – Cruelty, Bitterness, Excess and Transgression – offer their own arrays of these creatures, spells, and buildings, offering players unique options during each match.


While the four factions will offer complex interactions, the developers of Soul Harvest are looking to make the game approachable for new players. It can be controlled with four buttons, making gamepads a possibility, and offers a quick tutorial to ensure even new players can learn to play quickly.




The developers intend to continue adding new content to Soul Harvest, adding more modes on top of its existing Elimination and Citadel modes, more hellish maps, a faction editor, and a story campaign that can be played in single-player or co-op.


Players who wish to bring Hell under their control can get Soul Harvest now on Steam Early Access.

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