Are aceles or microbes best in Starfield A Legacy Forged
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Are Aceles or Microbes Best in the Starfield ‘A Legacy Forged’ Mission

The Starfield finale mission for the UC Vanguard faction called “A Legacy Forged” gives players the tough choice of using the Aceles or microbes. This decision marks the end of this faction storyline and determines the fate of the galaxy when it comes to the horrifying Terrormorphs. Here’s which option you should pick.

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Should You Pick the Aceles or Microbes in “A Legacy Forged” to Defeat the Starfield Terrormorphs?

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers below.

Unlike the other factions in Starfield, this ultimate decision at the end of the UC Vanguard storyline is by far the most underwhelming. This choice is mainly there for flavor text and to give a bit of variation in conversations, but nothing truly comes of it.

Both are solid options and will allow you to complete this storyline, and help the galaxy move on its way to being free of the Terrormorphs menace. Honestly, you should just pick the one that you feel the most comfortable and in agreement with.

The Aceles are massive creatures that eat the Terrormorphs for breakfast, but are generally peaceful towards humans. However, their massive size means they can get provoked and hurt humans, so there is a negative in that regard for this route.

On the other hand, the microbes are guaranteed to take out the Terrormorphs much faster, but this comes at the potential cost of the monstrous species becoming immune over time. Still, no one is mad or upset with whichever option you pick and you get the same rewards either way, so pick which one you prefer.

I, personally, went for the Aceles route but there is no true difference between these two choices. That said, if there is a Starfield 2 some day, perhaps this decision could carry over some consequences but Bethesda isn’t particularly known for that Mass Effect-style of crossovers.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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