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Arika EX Officially Titled Fighting EX Layer And Its Beta Starts December 11



Arika EX, the Street Fighter EX developer Arika’s new “Mysterious Fighting Game” that was first an April Fools’ Joke now has an official title and it is Fighting EX Layer and a demo is arriving on December 11.


Akira Nishitani of Arika took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the new title and that the beta test will be available immediately following the conclusion of PlayStation Experience on December 11. The beta test period is expected to last two weeks and will feature six playable characters: Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, and Shirase.


A demo will also be available to check out for those attending PlayStation Experience.


Here’s a look at a new trailer


Followed by some information about the “Gougi” system:

About the Gougi system that everyone is curious about: it’s grown into a very deep and exciting addition to the game. When the idea first came about, I brainstormed various Gougi, which combinations would work well, and what the matches would be like. Trying to imagine all of the possibilities, I got a feeling that “This game is going to be interesting!”


But after experimenting with my Gougi ideas, I often ended up saying “This is not what I imagined.” But that’s where the fun lies! Coming up with new ideas and experimenting in game was awesome. I believe not many games allow you to so easily brainstorm ideas and then test them out in-game; please try it!



“I want to change the flow of matches.”

For example, in most other fighting games, aside from times where you think, “I can win in one more combo,” “I can win if I chip him out,” and “I’m in the corner,” your battle strategy doesn’t really change that much, right? I wanted to change this on a system level and make a game where matches get crazier and more exciting as they go on.


“I want players to have different ways to play depending on their Gougi.”

This goes without saying! I’m sure there will be some Gougi that work well with other Gougi, and some that suit certain characters better than others.


“I want to continue adding Gougi and change the game environment.”

This is still just an idea, but I’d like to add new Gougi at certain fixed intervals, which would in turn create the feeling of a new game. Even by adding just a single Gougi, I think you would be surprised by how much the characters can change. Although as a developer, I’m quite worried about whether or not something crazy will occur!



Frankly speaking, the Gougi system is extreme! Please enjoy it, and go into battle thinking “What kind of crazy thing can I do to my opponent this time?”
Well then, I also will be going to Anaheim for Playstation Experience, so let’s meet at the venue!

Fighting EX Layer releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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