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Arknights Starts Coexistence Biodiversity Day WWF Charity Event

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Mobile tower-defense RPG Arknights is commemorating the International Day for Biological Diversity (a.k.a. Biodiversity Day) by hooking up with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and promoting an in-game charity event. Set to begin May 19, 2021, the event is titled “Coexistence.” It will generate money for the WWF by selling special bonus packs on the in-game store. The announcement was posted on Arknights in-game news tab and global official Twitter account.

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The Arknights Coexistence charity event will be mainly promote activity in the in-game store. Two bonus packs, called Purestream Pack and Nature Conservation Pack, will be added during the event. Costing just 99 US cents each, the packs contain characters and items.

The Purestream pack contains:

  • Purestream, a 4-Star Medic. Purestream is exclusive to the Arknights Coexistence event. Purchasing the pack is the only way to add her to one’s roster. She specializes in healing over a wide range compared to other Medic-class characters. She can also defend her team from negative status effect.
  • 1 Originite Prime (Premium Currency)
  • 60,000 LMD (in-game currency)
  • 20 Skill Summary – 1
  • 10 Skill Summary -2

Meanwhile, the Nature Conservation Pack is more of a generic resource bundle containing:

  • 1 Originite Prime
  • 1 Premium Headhunting ticket
  • 100 Furniture parts (used for decorating dorm rooms)

Proceeds from sales of the two packs will be donated to the WWF at the end of the event. For those who can’t or won’t spend money on the game, a login campaign will also run for the duration of the Arknights Coexistence Event. Players who log in at least seven days during the campaign will receive resources. They will also get a special cosmetic skin for the 5-Star Specialist Operator Cliffheart. Incidentally, the skin features Snow Leopards, an endangered species that the WWF helps protect. Cliffheart’s own character design also bears traits with Snow Leopards.

The Arknights Coexistence charity event kicks off on May 19, 2021. It will run until June 2, 2021. Arknights is available on iOS and Android. Good Smile Company is fleshing out its line of Arknights Nendoroid figures.

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