Arland Series Artist Mel Kishida Sings His Own Version Of Atelier Online’s Opening Theme



While Mel Kishida is known for his work with Gust on Atelier’s Arland series as well as Blue Reflection, he did something different this time by singing his own version of Atelier Online’s opening theme.


Here’s the music video for Atelier Online’s opening theme, “Kiniro no Recipe” or (“Golden Recipe”) (Mel Kishida version):


The artist/singer shared a humorous tweet about it as well:

Atelier Online Producer: “I also want to do a Mel Kishida version of Atelier Online’s theme song!”

Me: (What the heck is he saying…) Sure thing!


You can check out the original opening theme below:


This version is sung by the female protagonist (CV: Yumiri Hanamori).


Atelier Online is in development for iOS and Android.

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