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Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood Campaigns Close Successfully

Armed Fantasia Penny Blood

The double Kickstarter campaign for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood has come to a successful close. Backers pledged a total of 379,328,385 yen over the course of the crowdfunding campaign, which ended on September 30, 2022. This number was against an initial goal of 100 million yen. At current exchange rates, that’s just over $2.6 million USD against an initial goal of about $690,000 USD. The studios revealed some in-progress footage ahead of the campaign’s “final push”.

The Kickstarter campaign began on August 30, 2022, and ended on September 30, 2022. All in all, 17,920 backers donated to the campaign. Based on the Kickstarter page,  the most popular tiers for backing the campaign amounted to pre-orders of the digital or physical editions of both games. The “Combo Digital Deal” went for 11,000 yen (about $80 USD) and the “Combo Physical Deal” went for 15,200 yen (about $110 USD). Those backers will eventually receive copies of both games. Notably, at least 3 backers pledged more than 1 million yen (about $7,500 USD), the highest tier of pledge that includes a meeting with the dev teams.

Armed Fantasia developer Wild Bunch Productions and Penny Blood developers Studio Wildrose and Yukikaze reached all advertised stretch goals for both games. The stretch goals include console versions of both games, New Game Plus mode across both games, card mini-games, costume and weapon swapping between games, and mascot swapping. The stretch goals also unlock game-specific content like an animated intro for Armed Fantasia, a post-ending novel for Penny Blood, and additional features and content.

Check out the gallery for a stretch goal “roadmap” detailing each goal for both games.

Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia are in development for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. Penny Blood has a release window of Spring 2025, though Armed Fantasia does not have a window as of yet.

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