Armored Core VI 6 Handler Walter IB-C03 HAL 826 Robot Spirits
Image courtesy of Bandai Spirits and FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 Handler Walter’s AC Robot Spirits Revealed

Bandai Spirits revealed that it is working on a new Robot Spirits action figure based on the IB-C03: HAL 826 piloted by Handler Walter from Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. The company will release this figure worldwide in November 2024 with a price tag of 19,250 yen (~$120).

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The AC unit will come pre-built with an overall height of around 15cm (~5.9 inches). The set will also include extra equipment like the shoulder shield and missile pod that can be optionally removed. In addition, the owner will also be able to extend the rifle and arm blade just like in the actual game.

Here are some of the sample images for the upcoming AC unit action figure:

Handler Walter is not the only Armored Core VI character to have his AC made into a Robot Spirits action figure. Bandai Spirits had previously revealed another action figure based on Ayre’s IB-07: Sol 644 in the same series. The latter will be available earlier in September 2024. Other than action figures, Bandai Spirits is also working on 30 Minutes Missions model kits based on AC units from the same game.

The Robot Spirits <Side AC> action figure of Handler Walter’s IB-C03: HAL 826 from Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will be available worldwide in November 2024. Bandai Spirits will open pre-orders for the action figure on July 1, 2024.

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