Nintendo Switch

ARMS Heroines Ribbon Girl, Mechanica, And Min Min Featured In Latest Clips, Plus A New Stage



Nintendo has updated the official Japanese Twitter account for their upcoming action fighter ARMS with a look at a couple clips featuring its three heroines Ribbon Girl, Mechanica, and Min Min.



First, here’s a look at a new stage called “Ribbon Ring,” which also happens to b e where Ribbon Girl performs live.


In the Ribbon Ring stage you can see how some parts will actually elevate during the action. They say that it’s perfect for the fans to get a good view.


The next one is just a cute animated clip that shows Mechanica giving Min Min a ride to their next battle arena.


ARMS releases on June 16, 2017 for Nintendo Switch. Check out our previous report for another look at Master Mummy and the powerful “Megaton” Arm.

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