We previously checked out ARMS’ Chakram weapon as well as an alternate Ninjara color. The latest update from the game’s official Twitter account shows us more of the Sparky weapon, a new lab stage, and alternate Ribbon Girl color.


Here’s a look at the electric Arm weapon, called “Sparky.” They say it’s a pretty dangerous weapon that comes packed with an internal power generator. It’s Ribbon Girl’s go-to weapon that she uses as part of her electrifying performances. The weapon is the latest model that’s improved from the older “Thunder Punch” models.



The above is a look at a new “ARMS Lab” stage. We see some ominous cylinders that are said to be a part of some research for ARMS. It seems to belong to a different organization apart from the “ARMS Association.”


ARMS releases for Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.

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