Nintendo Switch

ARMS Video Highlights The Chakram Weapon, Alternate Character Colors Revealed



Nintendo shared the latest on their upcoming Switch action fighter ARMS with a look at a new video focusing on the Chakram weapon as well as a look at an alternate Ninjara color on the official Twitter account.


Thanks to the latest technology, an ancient ninja weapon has been evolved and mass-produced. This super fine weapon is characterized by its ability to curve its way to the enemy, allowing for a tricky play style. Its size can also be increased by charging up the spin.


As for the alternate color Ninjara shown in the top image, they say that it is not using a shadow clone jutsu, but rather, those are two different Ninjara. This means you’ll get to have mirror matches as well as the option for different colors.


ARMS releases for Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.

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