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Arnath Shows Off Her Rabbit Form And More Weapons In Land of No Night



Land of No Night protagonist Arnath can use her own blood to bust out different weapons, or the blood of enemies to transform into different modes. 4Gamer shares the latest on the game, with a look at some of Arnath’s transformations and weapons.


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Arnath’s Dagger weapon lets you pull off quick attacks that go with multiple hits, leaving little room for your opponent to counter.



The Dagger weapon also provides your subordinate demons, or Servans, with the “Bleed Hit” ability, which basically does a bleeding effect on the target.


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The Long Sword has range and reach. It can suck the blood of the enemies you take down, and add it to your power. The more blood you suck with this weapon, the more your attack’s power increases, too.



The Arena is a feature found at the Ende Hotel. This is where you can go to participate in fights that have certain winning requirements, such as time limits, being limited to certain moves, and so on. It’s a great way to gain special rewards, including some that can only be found here.



As previously reported, Arnath can transform by chaining attacks together and building up her “Transformation Gauge”. Once the bar fills up, you’ll get to transform, and get powers from the Servans. Transformations, like the Rabbit Form shown in the above images, vary depending on the Servans you have in the party.



The above menu screen gives you an idea on what kind of transformations you’ll get according to the Servans in your lineup. The markers shown on the bottom are what determines the transformation.


015 The Rabbit Form excels at close-range hand-to-hand combat. It provides Arnath with an edge with its speed and light body to take out groups of Jayou monsters.


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When it comes to getting the first hit, Rabbit Form is your go-to mode. You can basically run circles around the enemies, and it also provides your Servans with a mobility boost to go with it. Rabbit Form comes with all kinds of flashy beast-like moves as its unique feature.



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The “Demon Form” brings out the power of fire, which can hit enemies from close and long range. The width of its attack is its best characteristic, and a useful way to get yourself out of a pinch when surrounded by enemies.


Land of No Night is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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