Arnice Interacts With Humans And Demons In Nights Of Azure

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As a member of Curia, a group dedicated to the preservation of humanity in the face of a demonic menace, Nights of Azure’s Arnice finds herself meeting lots of people in the kingdom of Ruswal and using lots of weapons. Koei Tecmo has released information of six of the characters she’ll meet and the five kinds of weapons she’ll use.


When it comes to people, Arnice interacts with both humans and pure-blooded demons. The humans tend to center themselves in Ruswal hotel that acts as their hub. The hotel manager Simon, is part of Curia and provides aid, as does a doctor named Professor Alucard. Corinne is a senior member of Curia that offers advice, and Arnice can get goods from a trader named Lloyd. If she’s willing to go outside the hotel, she’ll find pure-blooded demons enjoy luxurious surroundings. Mistral lives in Ruswal’s Palace and Christophorus lives in an Opera House. Both provide information to Arnice.


As for weapons, Arnice can become proficient in the use of five varieties, each with special abilities. Her sword is probably her most simple weapon. However, if she goes for a more elaborate weapon, it will have a bonus effect. The longsword drains opponent’s blood for buffs. If she uses a knife on an enemy, it will make them bleed and gradually lose more health. Hammers have an area of effect attack, which is great for moments when she’s surrounded. Finally, the gun allows her to attack from a distance and heal herself, in case Arnice needs a breather.


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PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play Nights of Azure on March 29 in North America and April 1 in Europe.

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