Ar:pieL Shows Off Colorful Action MMORPG’s Character Creation, Costumes, And Housing

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WeMade Online and NHN hangame are getting ready to launch the brightly colored animal-themed action MMO, Ar:pieL, in Japan. Here’s a look at some of its character creation and housing system.


Currently the Nexon Korea-developed game is available in Korea, but it’ll soon be launching in Japan. Here are some highlights from the Japanese publishers:



When you first enter Arpiel Academy, you’ll first need to create your own character with a variety of customization options such as hairstyle, skin color, and eye color.





Since the game comes with a variety of costumes, to help out with your character creation it offers a preview function so that you can check out  your character in different costumes while in the making.




The costumes can be made by finding recipes in dungeons. You can use recipes to create all kinds of different costumes.




You can also use furniture items and decoration items found in the game to freely decorate your room at the Arpiel Academy student dormitory.



With plenty of items to decorate your room, you can give it the atmosphere of your liking.



You can also invite friends into your room to hang out or even take naps together.


Ar:piel is in development for PC.

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