ARTFX J Chainsaw Man Power Figure Leaps From Some Rubble

Chainsaw Man Kotobukiya Power Figure

Kotobukiya revealed a new figure from the ARTFX J range featuring Power, the Blood Devil from Chainsaw Man. She is the third member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters to get a figure in the range, after Makima and the Chainsaw Man himself. She’ll launch in August 2023.

The Power figure is sculpted in 1/8 scale from and will stand approx. 290mm tall, featuring her leaping from a pile of rubble brandishing her blood blades. Her Public Safety uniform is worn in her usual rebellious style, with a half-tucked shirt, rolled up pants and red sneakers. Also visible are her patterned eyes, sharp horns and distinctively sharp teeth, which are all features that mark her as a Fiend.

You can get a look at the figure below, courtesy of photos from the product listing on Kotobukiya’s site.

The Chainsaw Man anime adaptation by Studio MAPPA finished airing in December of last year, and is available on Crunchyroll. The manga is published in the west by Viz media and is available from them physically or from their app or Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The series was recently highlighted by BTS member Jungkook singing an impromptu cover of the anime’s theme song and rumours indicate an incoming collaboration with a popular game.

The Chainsaw Man Power ARTFX J figure is available for pre-order from Kotobukiya’s Japanese site, costing ¥18,480 with tax and expected to release in August 2023. You can find other Chainsaw Man merchandise, including ARTFX J figures for Chainsaw Man and Makima, at Kotobukiya.

Elliot Gostick
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