Argonaut Games, the studio that made Star Fox, tried to make a game based on Mission Impossible. A pitch took place in 2004, which means this was likely a tie-in for Mission Impossible III. An artist at Argonaut drew Tom Cruise as he would appear in their PlayStation 2 game.




Argonaut Games was apparently big on grabbing movie licenses. They also made a pitch for an Aeon Flux game in 2004, but Terminal Reality nabbed the license and developed an Aeon Flux game with Majesco as the publisher. Here’s a look at Argonaut’s pitch, which appears to be more in line with the animated series.



image image


One of Argonaut’s last titles was Catwoman: The Game. In the same year it was released Argonaut shut their doors and closed their London based studio. Perhaps, if one of these projects got picked up Argonaut would still be around today.

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