Asdivine Dios Brings Dating Sim Elements To The World-Saving RPG


Kemco has released the English version of Asdivine Dios on Android. It’s available as a freemium game or you can pay for the premium version with 1000 in-app bonus points if you prefer – it’s $4.99 during its launch period, but will be $7.99 afterwards.


Asdivine Dios builds upon Kemco’s previous RPG Asdivine Hearts with a bigger story, world, battles, and more fluid animation. You play as a deity called Izayoi who sets off to purify the world he created of the ever-spreading Murk that has corrupted it.


However, upon landing on the world, Izayoi loses his magical powers, and must rely on three spirits to help him out in his treacherous journey. They are Iris, Minerva, and Freya.


While Izayoi isn’t fond of humans, the three spirits are, and so they try to convince him to see good in them. In doing this, the spirits also find that they have other feelings for Izayoi, and it’s possible that love may ensue for one of them if you pursue it.

Chris Priestman