Ash’s Last Adventure in the Pokemon Anime Include Misty and Brock

Pokemon Ash

The Pokemon Company International has shared details about the first three episodes of the last arc for Ash, Pikachu, and their friends in the Pokemon anime series, and Misty and Brock are back. Releasing under the title “Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master,” this special arc will be 11 episodes long, and it starts airing in Japan on January 13, 2023. [Thanks, Natalie]

The first one of these episodes is titled “The Wind of Beginning.” It sees Ash and Pikachu encountering the wounded legendary pokemon Latias while out on their adventures. In the second episode of the Pokémon, titled “Ash vs. Misty! Duel on the coast,” Ash will compete in a fishing duel against his friend and former travel companion, Misty. “Brock and Cilan, and the Witch of the Forest” is the name of the third episode. As the title suggest, it will feature Brock, Ash’s original travel companion along with Misty in the original series, and Cilan, who joined Ash alongside Iris in the anime adaptation of the Black & White generation of Pokemon.

Here you can see the poster for the anime and some screenshots of the first three episodes.

The opening song for this arc has been revealed as “Aim to Be a Pokemon Master -with my friends-,” a remake of the original Japanese opening theme for the initial 1997 anime series. The animation accompanying the music track will highlight Ash and Pikachu’s 25-year long journey.

You can watch a teaser of the new arc, and listening to the remake of the opening theme here:

Ash and Pikachu’s Pokemon journey ends with this series, but two new protagonists will take their mantle soon. A new anime series featuring the starters of the Paldea region will start airing in Japan in April 2023.

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