Assault Spy Launches Comes To Steam Early Access




During its February 2018 live stream, NIS America announced it would be bringing Wazen’s Assault Spy to Steam Early Access in May 2018. It is now available for $19.99.


The Early Access version of Assault Spy currently offers the opportunity to play through a bit of Asaru’s storyline. (Eventually, a second playable character named Amelia will be added.) The first stage of the game and its boss, Officer Diamond, are available. Eventually, additional stages and boss characters will be released.


In the stage available, Asaru the corporate spy and his partner, Kanoko, begin to infiltrate the Negabot corporation. Asaru fights with his umbrella, briefcase and business cards. It is possible to call in Kanoko for an assist.


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The full version of Assault Spy will launch in Fall 2018. The full version of the game will cost more than $19.99. No DLC is planned.

Jenni Lada
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