Assault Spy’s New Update Introduces Four New Officers




Assault Spy is Wazen and NIS America’s PC Early Access game, and it has just received a new update. Currently, Asaru’s route is the only one available, but now four Officers are in the game as bosses. An official update shows screenshots and goes over each of the characters. (Officer Diamond was in the game prior to the update.)



Officer Diamond
Battle Style: Perfect Business Etiquette
A seasoned fighter like yourself, it brings fast brawler techniques to the battle.


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Officer Heart
Battle Style: Mind Reading
Watch out for Officer Heart’s wide range attacks that send out vertical and horizontal shockwaves.


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Officer Spade
Battle Style: Easy Communication
Throws fast projectiles and has a charging thrust attack that will keep you on your toes.


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Officer Club
Battle Style: Incredibly Precise Hands
Fires shockwaves and is great at origami.


Assault Spy is immediately available for the PC via Steam Early Access. It is $19.99.

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