Assault Suit Valken And Metal Slug Fans Should Enlist Against This Gigantic Army

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While there is a time and place for super-sized, overpowered mechs that can pretty much destroy the galaxy by themselves, I also actually rather enjoy more realistic mechs such as the ones on offer in new mech side-scroller Gigantic Army.


I mean, it gives me hope that someday, possibly, I too might be able to accidentally stumble into the secret testing facility hidden underneath my apartment when an alien menace appears. I can hope, right? After all, this game did manage to get itself localized from the Japanese version.


GA_297 GA_415

GA_479 GA_1560

Gigantic Army is a sprite-based game that shoves you as part of the TDF Ground Troops army, suited up in a “GMR-34 Saladin” mech, a versatile weapon of destruction against the invading Ramulons. That’s not a typo, and no, we don’t know if they are or aren’t related to the Romulans either. We do know the Ramulons are invading Earth during the 21st century and you’ll need to battle your way through and drive them off, adapting different weapon attachments such as cluster bombs and pile bunkers.


GA_019 GA_565

GA_047 GA_314

Oh, and because hugeass mechs are expensive, you also get to hang on to a barrier shield that can reflect most beam and other attacks from foes. Considering I always hate being caught out in the wrong spot, this is an innovation that could save my quarters (If this game were an arcade game that is)


GA_1015 GA_1100

Gigantic Army is spread across six stages, with battles against those GIGANTIC robots you were suspecting to be true from the title as bosses. The game has also been rebalanced from the original Japanese version, said the devs. If you happen to cough up the $5.99 the game is going for, they also give you some downloadable assets to print out a Super Nintendo retro-style box to store the game in as well as label art for burning to a DVD.


Gigantic Army is available now for PC and Linux on Steam.

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