Assemble Furniture With Friends When Home Improvisation Comes To PS4

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Indie studio The Stork Burnt Down is bringing its furniture assembly game Home Improvisation to PlayStation 4.


It challenges you to create decorate rooms by first piecing together bits of furniture without instructions. The furniture can be customized with peg and hole guns to fit whatever structure you have in mind. Plus, it’s fragile, so you have to handle it with care or it’ll break.


Home Improvisation has been available on Steam Early Access since May 2015 and supports up to five players work together, or compete against each other, write each other messages with furniture, or maybe destroy each other’s creations – it’s a sandbox space after all.


With the reveal of this PlayStation 4 version of Home Improvisation, The Stork Burnt Down confirmed that it will also feature drop-in / drop-out multiplayer. So get your hammers ready.

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