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Astral Chain Has A Hidden 16-Bit Minigame Where You Play As The Mascot


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Nintendo revealed earlier today that Astral Chain, which releases this week, will have a retro 16-bit minigame, that in-universe is developed by the Ark Police Force to market their mascot.


According to director Takahisa Taura, “There are a variety of missions in #ASTRALCHAIN, including a hidden 16-bit-style minigame. I like it a lot since you can feel some nice nostalgia while you recover mentally from the all the fighting. I hope you’ll try to find it.”


In a separate tweet, Taura mentions that this will appear as part of a subquest, and that this is just one of the various types of subquests that have been implemented into the game.


Astral Chain releases for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. Check our previous report for a closer look at the game’s UI. You can also check out its launch trailer here.

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