Astral Chain Introduces The Futuristic Setting And Special Weapon Legion With New Screenshots

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Nintendo has released new screenshots for the recently-announced Astral Chain, a flashy action game developed by Platinum Games that takes place in futuristic city Ark.


astral chain 1

astral chain 2

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In Ark, disaster strikes when gates to another dimension appear, with dangerous monsters appearing from within. The normal police are unable to deal with them, and special police unit Neuron is formed as a result.

In Astral Chain, you choose between male or female playable characters on your adventure. The character you don’t choose also appears as your younger twin, and a fellow Neuron member.


astral chain 7 astral chain 8

astral chain 9


Dual Action alongside ‘Legion’

astral chain 10

astral chain 11

astral chain 12

astral chain 13

In order to resist the creatures, humanity developed a special weapon: the Legion. The Legion acts as your partner in your investigations, but it’s in battle where the Legion truly shines.

In battle, you work together with the Legion and use all sorts of combat styles to fight your enemies. You could both attack the same enemy simultaneously, target different opponents, or send your Legion on the offensive while you support it with items. This is ‘Dual Action’, the biggest feature of this game.


astral chain 14

astral chain 15

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Astral Chain launches for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. Check out the trailer here, and the Collector’s Edition here.

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