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Astral Chain Is Being Made As A Trilogy, Sequels Depend On Sales Performance [Update]



Update: Takahisa Taura clarified that the game isn’t being made as a trilogy and the original report from IGN Benelux was a mistranslation as he was simply thinking about a trilogy and more to further expand on the game.


Astral Chain releases at the end of August for Nintendo Switch but it might not be the last we see of it, as director Takahisa Taura says it is being made as a trilogy so there could be a couple sequels.


Speaking to IGN Benelux, Taura said they currently don’t have any plans to release post-launch DLCs for Astral Chain. However, it’s different for the story as Astral Chain is being made as a trilogy and the game we’re getting is the first part.


The PlatinumGames director added that if Astral Chain sells well then they’ll go from there to see how the story of the series continues.


Astral Chain releases for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. You can check out some of its concept art in our previous report.

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