Astro Port’s Upcoming Shmup Zangeki Warp Will Have You Warping Through Walls

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Japanese doujin studio Astro Port (creator of Gigantic Army, Satazius, and others) has announced that its next game is a horizontal shmup called Zangeki Warp. Its main feature is similar to Velocity’s in that you can teleport the ship through walls.


Zangeki Warp is set in 2054, which is a time that sees the galaxy under threat by the plans of an evil scientist called Dr. Benomiya, who has engineered space monsters to end all galactic civilization.


You are the strongest fighter to hand, and so you set out to Dr. Benomiya’s fortress  to quell his plans by using your ship’s super weapon—that’s the “slashing warp” that lets you pass through walls.


Looking at the screenshots, Zangeki Warp is similar in visual style to Gigantic Army, with large intricate robotic structures shooting out streams of bullets, and more aggressive mech-types launching explosives at you across the levels.


It plays slightly differently, of course. Not only do you have the “slashing warp,” which lets you pass through walls and destroy any enemies in your path, you also have a shockwave that sends out a ring of fire, and a decoy that distracts enemies. There’s also an electromagnetic shield and an “omega crash” that annihilates enemies all around you with a cluster of explosions.


You can find out more about Zangeki Warp on its website. Astro Port plans to release it on PC in 2015.

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