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Astro’s Playroom Introduces the World Inside the PS5

astros playroom

Remember Astro? He’s the adorable little robot buddy who ended up being one of the best selling points of PlayStation VR. Now he’s back again, and he’s starring in a new adventure. This time, it’s a sort of whimsical tour of the PlayStation 5Astro’s Playroom will come pre-loaded onto every PS5, and it’s designed to help introduce everyone to the PS5 and the new DualSense controller. Check out the trailer, which told us approximately nothing about the game except that it’s cute:

Luckily, now that the official trailer is uploaded, we got to learn a little more about Astro’s Playroom. As we mentioned earlier, this is pre-loaded software for the PS5, and it’s an adventure through worlds based on distinct features of the DualSense. There will be four worlds to be precise, and each one will focus on those features in the gameplay.

We last saw Astro in Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a later title for the PlayStation VR that was incredibly well-received by fans and critics alike. While the PS VR is more of a dry run and therefore a small audience, the game seemed to do well enough to establish Astro as a bit of a hardware mascot.

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