Atelier-Inspired RPG Nusakana Lets You Go Fishing, Dating, Trading If You Wish



    Nusakana is a top-down, open-world RPG inspired by the Atelier series that takes place on a pleasant island popular among the tourists of its 1950s setting. It features fishing, adventures, dating sim elements, and turn-based battling.


    You play as a fisherman who arrives on the island of Nusakana with three years with which to discover the dark secret of the island. “But 3 years is a long time (1080 days?), there’s so much free time to use for discovering what it offers to you,” proposes Indonesian developer Namaapa Studio.


    As such, you can completely abandon your mission, and spend your three years fishing, finding a partner and marrying them, surviving the dangerous wildlife, trading with the villagers, crafting items, or enjoying the view and listening to the “multicultural jazz and bossa nova flavor” soundtrack—whatever you want.



    Of course, if you don’t pursue the game’s main mission, then you will experience the bad ending. But at least you’d have explored what else you can do on this island. And judging by the feature list, there is plenty to keep you occupied if you let it.


    You can vote for Nusakana on Steam Greenlight. More information about it can be found on its website. It will be released for Windows in the second quarter of 2015.

    Chris Priestman

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