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Atelier Lulua Gets A First Look At Fiks, Nicodemus, Chimdragon, And Lionela



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Atelier Lulua introduced a couple handsome new characters with a young magician named Fiks Finis and an ex-pirate named Nicodemus who is now an adventurer. Chimdragon and Lionela also appear in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.




Curry has always been Lulua’s favorite food since she was a child, and you’ll get to make some nice curry powered by alchemy in the game.


Here’s a closer look at Rorona along with a couple new and returning characters with their illustrations and 3D models (spelling subject to change):


Rorolina “Rorona” Fryxell (CV: Mai Kadowaki)

2018-11-21_105606 2018-11-21_105640

A highly skilled alchemist. She goes around various regions as part of her work, so she’s often not around during important moments.



“Is it the rebellious phase!? No, I’m just a failure!? Am I just a failure of a mother!? That’s it, right, Lulua-chan!?”


Chimdragon (CV: Yuko Sanpei)


A coachman who does his work perfectly. He is one of the Chims homunculi, but he’s grown large thanks to a secret medicine. He addresses Lulua as “Nano Master” and Piana as “Master.” If the name sounds familiar, Chimdragon was named by Totori and previously fought alongside other Chims as part of the Chim Rangers.




Lulua travels on her master Piana’s Atelier with Chimdragon as the coachman.


Fiks Finis (CV: Wataru Hatano)

2018-11-21_105926 2018-11-21_105942

An easygoing magician. They say that nobody can figure out his tricks. He’s kind to younger folks and is interested in seeing Lulua grow, but he shows a cold attitude towards adults.



“Hahaha! Isn’t that great, Lulua! But you can’t just ignore your bro like that!”



Here we see Fiks fight using magic tricks with cards.


Nicodemus “Nico” David Dieter (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

2018-11-21_110035 2018-11-21_110049

A sailor called “Nico of the Raging Waves.” Nicodemus is a young man who was previously a pirate but after his ship got destroyed by a certain person, he became an adventurer. He spends his days taking on various requests in order to make money to fix his ship.



Nico is a former pirate who spends his days dreaming of returning back to the ocean.



In battle, Nico fights using two anchors.


Lionela Heinze (CV: Kei Shindo)


Lionela previously appeared as a street performer in Atelier Rorona. She used to be extremely shy but after meeting Rorona she’s gotten better. In Atelier Lulua she appears as the owner and bartender of a bar called AraHoro Arbor.



You might recognize the two puppets behind her. Now they mostly just watch over her.




The Alchemy Riddle is a mysterious book that has a variety of keywords that need to be solved. By solving these, you’ll advance through the story, score item recipes, or learn skills. There isn’t an order for its progression so you can go any way you’d like.




There are hints provided in red text and once you go near the hinted areas you’ll gain progress in the keyword solving.




You’ll occasionally have to fight to solve some of these riddles. Once you figure out all the keywords you’ll get to read the page to get its reward and advance. In the above screenshot shows the player learning a new medicine recipe.

Again, we’ll likely get the official names and spelling for the new characters in the near future.


Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland
releases in Japan in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’ll release in the West in Spring 2019 for PS4, Switch, and PC. You can read the latest from character designer Mel Kishida and producer Junzo Hosoi in our previous report.

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