Atelier Online English Pre-Registration Coming Soon

Atelier Online english pre-reg

Boltrend Games, Koei Tecmo, and Gust revealed a new trailer for the upcoming English release of Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle. The companies also announced that pre-registration for the mobile game will start soon, though they did not give an exact date. This news comes off the heels of Atelier Online‘s closed beta test held in April 2021 around the world.

Celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary, the new trailer for Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle shows off some gameplay in English. The video gives us a sneak peek at familiar and fan-favorite characters with customizable outfits, like Totori and Rorona. We also get glimpses at the game’s turn-based battles, its synthesis system, and an isometric view of characters exploring the Bressisle Island.

Although Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle released in Japan back in 2018, English-speaking fans weren’t able to try it out until Boltrend Games held its closed beta. Fans in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the UK were able to test the title out ahead of its upcoming western release. Also, the companies released a trailer with the theme song around the same time as the beta to promote the game.

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle will launch in English on Android and iOS devices. Pre-registration will start “soon.”

Oni Dino
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