Atelier Online Is Now Available In Japan, Here’s What It’s All About


After a bit of a delay from its initial October 1 launch for last-minute checkups,  the Atelier series’ new smartphone game, Atelier Online, is now live in Japan.

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In Atelier Online, you take on the role of an alchemist at the Royal Academy, where you’ll go on a journey around the world in order to become a top-notch alchemist, as you encounter others and pave your own path.

It is described as an alchemy RPG that doesn’t require stamina, where you’ll take on monsters that vary based on time and weather, collect items, freely walk around fields, play with friends in multiplayer

The game has a grand scenario where you’ll progress through quests, similar to what you’d expect from a console RPG, and it’ll be full of different characters in a fully-voiced main scenario.

Additionally, you’ll encounter numerous popular characters from throughout the Atelier series, starting with Rorona, Marie, and more with their own original scenarios.

Here are a couple videos for the game:

Atelier Online is now available in Japan for iOS and Android.

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