Atelier Ryza Crossover to Appear in Azur Lane

Azur Lane Atelier Ryza

Developer Yostar announced an Atelier Ryza crossover event will be heading to Azur Lane. The limited time event will see character costumes and special ships appear from November 24, 2022 until December 8, 2022. A total of six crossover characters will appear in Azur Lane, including Reisalin “Ryza” Stout — the protagonist of the Atelier Ryza games. Yostar revealed this information through a special broadcast. [Thanks, Inside!]

The six characters that will appear in Azur Lane are:

  • Reisalin Stout – SSR
  • Klaudia Valentz – SSR
  • Patricia Abelheim – SSR
  • Kala Ideas – SR
  • Lila Decyrus – SR
  • Serri Glaus – SR

Each of these characters will also receive a special skin inspired by nightwear. Additionally, Elbing and Bremerton will also receive special themed skins during this period. Alongside this, the crossover event will feature special mechanics. Among them will be the use of the recipe and synthesis mechanics founds in the Atelier games. Players can obtain unique equipment through this system.

A short animated trailer for the crossover event was also shared. You can watch it below.

Koei Tecmo and Gust shared artwork from Atelier Ryza 3. This included a look at characters that will be returning to this new entry in the series.

Azur Lane is immediately available for Android and iOS devices. The Atelier Ryza crossover event will be held from November 24 to December 8, 2022. Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key will come out on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam on February 24, 2023 worldwide.

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