Atelier Ryza Introduces Lento, Tao, And Claudia; Info On Story, Setting, And The Booty Shorts


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Gust shared the latest details on the recently announced Atelier Ryza in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. It introduces some of Ryza’s close friends in Lento, Tao, and Claudia along with info on the game’s story and setting. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Lento Marslink (CV: Takuma Terashima) – Gets the cold shoulder from everyone at the village for some reason, and he dreams of achieving something that could win them over. He may seem frivolous for the most part, but Lento is a man of common sense who keeps Ryza on the right track. He wears the armor his father used when he was a soldier.


Tao Mongarten (CV: Yui Kondo) – A boy who carries a profound ancient book that he’s been trying to decipher. He’s timid and isn’t the best at social situations, but he greatly values friendship and would never abandon his friends.


Claudia Barents (CV: Hitomi Owada) – A daughter who travels together with her father who works as a peddler. She’s gentle but has strong determination deep down, and isn’t one to have her opinions easily swayed. She wants to go on an adventure with everyone and joins in search of true friendship. She uses instrument-like weapons that look like a flute or clarinet. Her design has a bold slit on the side of her skirt.


Rubert Barents (CV: Keiji Hamada) – Claudia’s father. He’s a clever and capable merchant. He has an overprotective tendency when it comes to Claudia.



Atelier Ryza’s main setting is Kuken Island, located in the middle of a lake. The story is about a normal girl named Ryza who lives in Razenbozen Village on the island. She goes on a journey, together with her childhood friends Lento and Tao, to explore outside the island. That’s where she meets a male alchemist who takes Ryza as his disciple to walk her through her first steps as an alchemist, as her friends also work towards each of their own dreams.


Here are some notes from the interview with producer Junzo Hosoi:

  • “I feel that this time we have to show a much more different Atelier than ever, more than we did with Atelier Lulua.”


  • “We’ve yet to cast shadows on characters up until now, but perhaps since we have illustrations from Toridamono-san, it made me want to try out that type of expression.”


  • “At first, Ryza had a miniskirt but we took Toridamono-san’s opinion and went with the hotpants/booty shorts.”


  • “The Atelier series is now 23-years-old. I felt that it would be better to go back to a familiar story.”


Gust also announced that the release date will be revealed on June 6, 2019. Pre-orders will also begin in Japan following the announcement.


Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The Scarlet Hideout releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan Fall 2019. That game will also release on PC. Check our previous report for a look at its first screenshots, details on the protagonist, and more.

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