Everyone is producing digitally distributed games these days, including Atlus. Their first downloadable game is a mix of Hexic and Pipe Dream. Players rotate dials, connect pipes, and catch falling Droplitz — that’s also the name of the game. Bombs and ooze infected pipes alter the challenge in other modes.


Blitz Games, the studio behind titles like Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao and Sneak King is developing Droplitz for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC, and the iPhone. Droplitz isn’t only Atlus’ first downloadable game it’s their first iPhone and PlayStation 3 game too.



Droplitz on PlayStation 3

droplitz_screens_ps3_01 droplitz_screens_ps3_02 droplitz_screens_ps3_03 droplitz_screens_ps3_04


Droplitz on Xbox Live Arcade

droplitz_screens_xbla_01 droplitz_screens_xbla_02 droplitz_screens_xbla_03 droplitz_screens_xbla_04

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