Atlus’ Katsura Hashino Expects Project Re Fantasy To “Take A Long Time Until Completion”



Following the live stream earlier this morning from Atlus to talk about Project Re Fantasy and Studio Zero, Atlus USA shared more from the new studio’s head, Katsura Hashino, this morning’s press release.


Here’s the quote from Hashino:

“We take seriously this goal of creating a game with the care and detail expected by the people who love ATLUS games and home console games. We haven’t determined yet what platform our new game will be, and I imagine this project will take a long time until completion. But we’ll be working hard at this challenge to truly deliver something new and incredible for all our fans.”


Katsura Hashino is considered the main driving force behind the development of Persona games as the series’ longtime director and producer, he’ll be focusing entirely on building Studio Zero from the ground up. While the thought of that may worry some fans, Atlus already confirmed that a new Persona game is in the works, and series illustrator and designer Shigenori Soejima, alongside series composer Shoji Meguro, will maintain their responsibilities to the Persona series.


Atlus reassure fans by saying that P-Studio, the production team in charge of Persona, will “continue to operate at full strength to develop new entries to fulfill demand for the series.” As the startup, Studio Zero will be a driving source of innovation for all Atlus development.



Project Re Fantasy‘s platform has yet to be decided.

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