Atlus’ Key Developers Talk About Their Current Projects And Look Forward To A Big 2019

Atlus’ key developers including Studio Zero’s creative producer & game director Katsura Hashino, Shin Megami Tensei series producer Kazuyuki Yamai, and Persona team producer Kazuhisa Wada shared some quotes on their current projects in Famitsu magazine’s ambitions for 2019 feature.

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Katsura Hashino

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Katsura Hashino: “With the goal of an official announcement, I’m currently working hard with a new studio on a brand-new RPG that isn’t Megaten or Persona. In any case, I believe it’ll be a work that we’ve yet to see. You might think about what makes a traditional fantasy game from that point on. Our confidence grows each day, together as a team moving forward. With a open minds. We’ll move forward without getting lost, and have fun as we work to advance forward. Please look forward to it.”


Kazuyuki Yamai

Keyword for 2019: Doki-doki

Kazuyuki Yamai: “I believe 2019 will be a year of ‘various’ questions from everyone. I’m both nervous and excited. I pray that all our efforts pay off.”


Recent report: “We’re working diligently on Shin Megami Tensei V. I apologize for not being able to release much news on it. With all the details that goes into making it with Unreal Engine 4, it just takes some time. It would mean a lot if you can wait a little longer for news.”


Kazuhisa Wada

Keyword for 2019: To lift off

Kazuhisa Wada: “To me personally, 2019 is going to be a crucially important year. Up to now we’ve advanced on various projects. We put some work into general improvements and preparations, and it is finally time to come to fruition. The next five years could see a change depending on how things go in 2019. It’ll be a year of challenge.”

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