Atlus Open Two Teaser Sites, Looks Like More Etrian Odyssey

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Earlier this year, Atlus teased a site that showed a giant tree and vague teases, which ended up being Etrian Odyssey Untold II. They now have two new separate teaser sites, marked by the letters X and D.


While we still don’t know what it could end up being, the giant tree is identical to the one from the Etrian Odyssey Untold II teaser, but since there are two teaser sites, there is a possibility they could be for two titles in the Etrian Odyssey series.


Additionally, the websites are titled “Nobody knows the X” and “Nobody knows the D,” so it sounds like a little hint that it could be something completely new, or that Atlus are pretty confident that no one will be able to guess what they stand for. (Something to note, though, is that the “X” site actually contains an orb with what looks like the roman numeral IX.)


The official Etrian Odyssey Twitter account also stated in a recent tweet: “We believe that everyone is curious about X and D’s sites just about now. Please take a peek at them every now and then.”


We might hear more about these teases later tonight, as Atlus are expected to hold a special Etrian Odyssey livestream on NicoNico later tonight, where Spike Chunsoft’s Koichi Nakamura is also expected to make an appearance.


The stream information on the NicoNico page also says “a shocking new announcement during the program?!” That sounds like it could have something to do with the mysterious X and D teaser sites that recently went up.

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